Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, Welcome 2014

Happy New Year to all visitors to this blog.  I hope you have a healthy and prosperous 2014.
I wanted to begin the year a little differently.  My first thought was to post art every day.....which I may still do.  I attempted to do just that a couple of years ago and managed to get through one month.  My hats off to any of you who are able to create art every day and post.  It may or may not be easier with a full time job as I and most of you have.....I think it would be hard no matter what.  Instead of my trying to complete a painting every day to post, I will attempt something a little more doable and less stressful for this artist.  I will draw, doodle, paint, carve/tool, create, something each day that makes me happy.  If it isn't too terrible, I will post it for all to either enjoy.....or not.  I hope it will be the former.
Anyway.....Happy New Year.